What to Do When your Refrigerator Malfunctions

Refrigeracion NER

A well-performing fridge is one of the most coveted appliances by anyone. Can you even imagine living without one? However, if it stops cooling one day, you may call a refrigerator technician. For homeowners in Mexico who availed a refrigeration NER installs, they can get a service anytime. Click here Refrigeracion NER


Refrigeracion NER

For the meantime, here’s what you can do the minute your fridge stops working:

  1. Calm down. Double check if the power got unplugged.
  2. Check the outlet. Try plugging in another appliance to the same outlet and see if it works well.
  3. Inspect the freezer vent. It could be possible that there is debris blocking the airflow inside.
  4. See if the door seal is working. You should feel tension whenever you close your refrigerator’s door. If there isn’t any tension, then your door seal might be failing.
  5. Be patient. The environment might be too humid for the refrigerator. Sometimes, in hot areas, a refrigerator can take more time to cool.

If you have tried everything but it still didn’t work out, contact a professional. The refrigeration NER installs these days can also include servicing in brands like Samsung and Whirlpool.