The important trends in the Pelican Bay housing market

Home building trends take place over many years. Most recently, fluctuations in technology and the economy have been two of the biggest drivers of change. Modern real estate buyers are typically much better equipped when dealing with contractors, and as a consequence a lot more demanding. Competitive home builders have reacted by updating their professional services in some important areas.

Eco friendly homes are thriving

Pelican Bay residents care about the environment, and so should you. In order to be environmentally friendly, building contractors are increasingly applying environmentally friendly building supplies. In the past, eco-friendly building components were only meant for saving electricity. Today, they’re also about using non-toxic, eco friendly construction goods that are made from either recycled or plant-based material. When buying either a used or new home in Pelican Bay, make the green aspect an important criteria.

Used homes are more expensive than new ones in Pelican Bay

A second significant trend we are seeing locally is the long-term cost factors being considered as part of a buy. Over the long term, new homes generally work out to be cheaper than buying a used home. While you will save on the selling price on a used home, the costs for upgrading will be much more than you’d need for a new home.

In the first year of ownership, most used real estate buyers tend to target home improvements that can increase the curbside appeal of their home. For these particular sorts of fixes, experts might be hired who can charge nearly twice as much as the original builders (albeit by making use of vastly superior materials). Other common (and unexpected) costs in the first year can arise from the need for a brand new terrace, landscaping costs or privacy fencing.

To reduce shock expenses, home owners should take quick and easy safeguards before concluding the offer. Make sure the insurance protection covers water damage, get yourself a sewer inspection, set aside a budget for the unforeseen.

Now is a good time to buy a house in Pelican Bay

The Sunshine Coast offers all things expected to live a harmonious and relaxing life. You will discover lush villages in Maleny Montville, wonderful Caloundra beaches, and large juicy prawns brought in by boat from Mooloolaba. Pelican Bay can be found in Naples, an immense development of luxurious high-rise condo buildings. You will find 61 subdivisions inside the diligently designed complex. Greg Norman developed the Pelican Waters 27-hole Golf Course. Additionally there is a private beach, top notch resorts plus a spectacular variety of shopping opportunities.

As this article shows, the last decade specifically has seen considerable technological innovations which are powered by massive changes in information awareness. On the Sunshine Coast, both young professionals and retirees and making heavy purchases. With a more discriminating class of consumers, contractors have had to offer much more at a lower price. This quality can be found at Pelican Bay, which is specifically designed to foster communities among inhabitants while supplying 5-star facilities as an ordinary component of every day life styles.